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2D Ultrasound Image


Ultrasound uses sound waves to generate images inside the body, much like the sonar of a bat or a whale.


Sound waves emitted in 3 planes echo back and are interpreted as the light and dark shades of the rendered image.


4D is an animated sequence of 3D images that gives the appearance of movement much like a cartoon.

Would you know if your 3D experience was a good one?

The viewing experience is for you, not your technician. Your viewing experience should be so clear that even your 94 year old Nanna can explain what she saw on screen! At Let’s Meet Baby, we’re as excited to see your baby as you are! We will take the mystery out of the process so you can fully understand and appreciate what you’re seeing on screen and later, in your video.

We want you to be able to remember this time forever! This is what makes a good 3D viewing experience. Plus... the coffee is always on 🙂

Best Viewing Guidelines

Let’s Meet Baby can provide 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging at any time during pregnancy. However, the optimal time to have a 3D Ultrasound is between 20 and 28 weeks. Earlier pregnancy ultrasounds allow mothers to see more complete images of their baby. Later 3D baby ultrasounds reveal improved facial features since the baby is putting down layers of fat that look more like a newborn infant.

Think of the 3D Ultrasound like trying to photograph the pickle in the middle of the jar. The quality of your images depends on how crowded the jar is and whether we can get a clear line of sight for that pickle in the middle! Whether we can get that desirable Da Vinci image of your baby’s face depends on Baby’s position, movement, size, the size of the mother, and the amount of space and fluid surrounding the baby.

In the end, good and bad images can be captured at any stage of pregnancy, depending on the cooperation of your baby at the time of your appointment. For best results, follow the timing guidelines, get good sleep the night before, and drink extra water for 4 days before your scan. We do our best to get you a great experience, but the results differ with every individual. Note: you do NOT need a full bladder after 20 weeks. A little sugar and caffeine on the morning of your scan will help wake a sleepy baby for better video viewing.

Exquisite Newborn Portraiture…

Let’s Meet Baby is the only Canadian ultrasound studio to provide newborn imagery along side your pre-born images. Every detail is handcrafted and designed to let you know how much we appreciate Moms. We have a variety of handmade props and wardrobe changes for Baby. Bonnie is an Artisan Photographer, classically trained in Renaissance Arts. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Emily Carr institute, and has trained privately with some of Canada’s foremost artists. Her work has been sold worldwide. For more information and to see more of Bonnie’s work, visit

Studies have shown that displaying our children on our walls raises self esteem. When you invest in fine art portraiture, you do so much more than ensure your remember those tragically short moments when they are so tiny. You show them they matter for eternity.

We will take fine art portraits of your newborn that are beautiful, exquisite, and unforgettable.

WARNING! Digital files are not archival!!!

As photographers, our job is to teach you how to protect your precious digital files. If you have an older session your 3D provider saved to DVD or CD, it is a guarantee that your digital data is slowly degrading in your cupboard. We want to make sure your keepsakes last as long as you do! Let’s Meet Baby uses a digital filing system that protects your memories and your investment.

Meet the Team!

Bonnie Ayotte, MA

Mother, counsellor, and Renaissance artist, Bonnie has been providing high-tech imagery since before Taylor was born! She is a mother (for over 30 years!! eek!!!), an entrepreneur, and a dog lover! Bonnie lives to knit and crochets your heartbeat keepsakes herself to guarantee your Little One will know just how excited you were that they were coming to the world.

Taylor Jones

Like his mother, Taylor is a jack of all trades and particularly adept at making sure all the electronics play nicely and everyone’s files are safely stored and transferred to the correct places. He’s also really good at moving heavy things and packing around a lot of fragile equipment. His mother is very proud :-). Taylor handles all the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes sure everyone is able to enjoy their visit. We’re hoping he will provide a photo that includes his face very soon, as he really does have one.


Eli doesn’t really have a job with the sonography business, we just included him because he’s awesome! He does have some skills. He often comes when he is called, he will sit on command, and he has the ability to make an entire rotisserie chicken disappear without so much as a smudge spot. True story! When not chasing bugs, he does work in our counselling clinic as a Therapy Dog where he brightens days and reminds us to lighten up!

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